Achieving E2E Type Safety: Comparative Review of Modern Full Stack Tools
June 25, 2024
Hall A
English | Intermediate

The recent evolution of full stack development has been significantly shaped by the emergence of modern full stack frameworks such as Next.js, Remix, Nuxt, and SvelteKit. These tools have redefined efficiency and performance by seamlessly integrating frontend and backend development into a cohesive environment.
In this talk, we'll review and live-code a CRUD application using Node.js and TypeScript, to showcase different approaches and tools for achieving end-to-end type safety and reducing boilerplate code, including: tRPC, Next.js Server Actions, Prisma, and Remult. Attendees will leave with a clear understanding of the trade-offs involved and practical guidance on implementing type-safe practices in their development projects.

_- Noam- Node speaker
Noam Honig
Creator of Remult

Coder, open-sourcerer, developer experience enthusiast, software architect, and entrepreneur. At work, I oversee and consult in enterprise legacy systems modernization for fortune 500s to small businesses. Outside work I love helping NGOs as a full-stack developer and mentor.

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