Zero Pain Frontend to Fullstack in Minutes with Open Source
June 28, 2023
Hall B
English | Intermediate

How silly is it that in 2023, with the huge diversity of tooling out there for frontend devs, half of our productive coding time is still spent on continuous error handling?! From code duplication, to typing errors, routing, validation, authentication…the list goes on.

As a NodeJS developer, we want to be able to keep our code DRY –– literally just write once, and reuse, by maintaining our code in a single source of truth. Sounds too good to be true? It is possible.

In this live coding demo we’ll walk you through how to take a common NodeJS/Express/Fastify stack and convert it into a fullstack app in minutes using open source tooling and frameworks all fullstack developers should know about.

Noam Honig
Creator of Remult

Coder, open-sourcerer, developer experience enthusiast, software architect, and entrepreneur. At work, I oversee and consult in enterprise legacy systems modernization for fortune 500s to small businesses. Outside work I love helping NGOs as a full-stack developer and mentor.

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