ChatGPT: can you refactor this for me? :pray:
June 25, 2024
Hall B
Hebrew | Beginner

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to do a significant refactoring across all your code, but you keep delaying it because it’s a helluva lot of work? That happened to us: Storybook deprecated the addon “addon-knobs” and replaced it with a completely different addon named “addon-controls”! Refactoring all our code to use the new way of doing things was a major assignment and we kept deferring it.
Well, we just heard about the wonders of ChatGPT and thought… hmmm? Can we do this using ChatGPT? Can we use the power of node to run it?We did, and it can! This is the story of how we did it, and what the end result is.

_- Mai- Node speaker (1)
Mai Zohar
FrontEnd Tech Lead
Myher 250_500

Mai is a tech lead at Myheritage, where she gets to merge her love for technology with her dedication to leading and inspiring teams.
Besides work, She’s also a proud mother of three amazing kids, who constantly remind her of the importance of balance and prioritization.

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