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Ruben is a Node.js core collaborator and a freelance software architect consultant. His main emphasis is building powerful and easy-to-use APIs for scalable and fast applications. He is continuously working with the V8 team and the TC39 committee to improve the developer experience with JavaScript.

Freelance Software Architect, Member of Node.js core team

Ruben Bridgewater

Talk topic TBA

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Tomas is an enthusiastic software engineer, who spends most of his time programming in JavaScript and Node.js. He works for Elastic as Senior Software Engineer in the clients team, focusing on the JavaScript client. Tomas is also the author of the Fastify web framework and part of its ecosystem. He constantly forwards the enrichment of his knowledge and the exploration of new technologies; moreover, he is a strong Open Source supporter and he will always be passionate about technology, design, and music.

Senior Software Engineer @ Elastic

Tomas Della Vedova

I Want to Publish My First Open Source Library

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Liz is a self-taught Software Engineer focused on JavaScript, and Head of Developer Relations at NodeSource. She organizes different community events such as JSConf Colombia, Pioneras Developers, Startup Weekend and has been a speaker at EmpireJS, MedellinJS, PionerasDev, and GDG.

Head of Developer Relations @ NodeSource

Liz Parody

Transforming a Country Through Code!

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Matteo is Technical Director at NearForm, where he consults for the top brands in the world. In 2014, he defended his Ph.D. thesis titled "Application Platforms for the Internet of Things". Matteo is a member of the Node.js Technical Steering Committee focusing on streams, diagnostics and http. He is also the author of the fast logger Pino and of the Fastify web framework.

Technical Director @ NearForm, Member of Node.js Technical Steering Committee

Matteo Collina

Stream Into The Future

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Daniel is an engineer at Igalia, a free software cooperative, participates in TC39, the JavaScript standards committee, and has dabbled in WebAssembly and web standards. He's also worked on V8, the JavaScript engine in Chrome.

Partner @ Igalia, Member of TC39

Daniel Ehrenberg

BigDecimal: Avoid rounding errors on decimals in JavaScript

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Passionate software engineer, always looking to grow and develop. Full stack developer and 'she codes;' volunteer for the past 5 years.

Full Stack Developer @

Shanee Radzewsky

Async Hooks - A Journey To a Realm With Persistent Execution Context

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Nader is a web & mobile developer, author, and open-sourcer.

He is a full stack developer specializing in cross-platform and cloud-enabled application development

Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS, Creator of JAMstack CMS

Nader Dabit

Building Lit - The Modern Serverless CMS

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Sam is a Google Developer Expert who works as a Developer Advocate Engineer at Auth0. At Auth0 they are trying to make authentication and identification as easy as possible, while still keeping it secure.

Developer Advocate Engineer @ Auth0, Google Developer Expert

Sam Bellen

Knock knock, who's there?

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I am a software manager and architect. In the past, I managed large development teams, and was a CTO of a start up of my own. I have a decade of software engineering experience in various technologies: Server side, big data, mobile, web technologies, and security. I am currently focusing on Node.js, and have a deep knowledge of Node.js server architecture and Node.js performance optimisations.

Architect @ Palo Alto Networks

Tamar Twena-Stern

Implement Event Sourcing In Node.js

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Yoni Goldberg is an independent consultant who works with 500 fortune corporates and garage startups on polishing their Node.js applications. He's the author of Node's largest best practices collection (gh/goldbergyoni/nodebestpractices). More than any other topic he is fascinated by and aims to master the art of testing. At his spare time, he likes to write in his blog and debug production application using console.log

Independent Node.js consultant

Yoni Goldberg

Testing in Production - A Practical Overview With Live Examples

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From the olden days of DOS, Gil was, is, and always will be a software developer. He has co-founded WebCollage, survived the bubble collapses, and designed cloudy projects at Wix.
His current passion is figuring out how to test software, a passion which he has turned into his main job as Senior Architect at Applitools, where he develops tests for software that tests software, which is almost one meta layer too many for him.

Senior Software Architect @ Applitools

Gil Tayar

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, They’re Here! ES Modules in Node.JS

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yael z.jpeg

Software developer at Wix, I love to improve and share my conclusions with others.

Software Developer @ Wix

Yael Zaritsky Perez

Software Developers, Communicate Your Intentions! (TLDR: do it using tests)

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Liran Tal is a Developer Advocate at Snyk and a member of the Node.js Security working group. Among his security activities Liran also published Essential Node.js Security and O'Reilly's Serverless Security books, and is a core contributor to OWASP NodeGoat project. He is passionate about the open source movement, web technologies and testing and software philosophy.

Developer Advocate @ Snyk

Liran Tal

Black Clouds and Silver Linings in Node.js Security

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Roy is a Technical Lead at Sisense by day and a musician by night (or vice versa). He has worked as a senior software engineer for early startups, multinational corps, medium size companies and as an independent consultant, and has been coding in Node.js since 2015. Has worked on data engineering, cloud services, APIs, test automation, front end UI and embedded firmware, writing some beautiful bugs. 

Technical Lead @ Sisense

Roy Mor

GraphQL API? REST API? Or maybe you can have both?

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A software engineer since the age of 18, played various hands-on and management roles, doing both frontend and backend before it was called “Full Stack”. Nowadays, I am focusing on developing in JavaScript, with all the new developments and challenges it brings.

Software Architect @ Amenity Analytics

Yael Balla

DIY: Develop your own Visual Studio Code extension

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Kamal Nasser is a Developer Advocate at DigitalOcean. If not automating and tinkering with modern software and technologies, you'll likely find him penning early 17th century calligraphy.

Developer Advocate @ DigitalOcean

Kamal Nasser

From `npm init` to `kubectl create`: Getting Started with Node.js on Kubernetes

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Liran is the Co-Founder and CTO of Rookout. He’s an advocate of modern software methodologies like agile, lean and DevOps. Liran’s passion is to understand how software actually works. When he’s not thinking of code, he’s usually diving or hiking. 

Co-Founder and CTO @ Rookout

Liran Haimovitch

Take Your Monitoring to the Next Level

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Gil Fink is a web development expert, Web Technologies GDE, Microsoft Development Technologies MVP and sparXys CEO. He is currently consulting for various enterprises and companies, where he helps to develop web based solutions. He is also co-author of several Microsoft Official Courses (MOCs) and training kits, co-author of "Pro Single Page Application Development" book (Apress), co-organizer of AngularUP and ReactNext conferences.

CEO @ sparXys

Gil Fink

Help! My Memory is Leaking

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Hacker Founder. During the day I’m principal engineer at TripAdvisor, but during the evening I build my own drones and try to do all kind of fun stuff with them.

Principal Engineer @ TripAdvisor

Jasper Schulte

Controlling a Swarm of Drones with Node.js

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omri fima.jpeg

Omri is a Data Hacker, Maker, and LEGO master builder.
As a Data Architect at Natural intelligence, Omri is obsessed with building magical user experiences using data and AI.
Omri is an IAF Ofek Alumni, and his experience includes vast experience as a Technical Lead of the Recommendations and Machine Learning Group at Sears where he was responsible for leveraging state of the art AI and ML techniques for creating personalised experiences.

Data Architect @ Natural Intelligence

Omri Fima

Machine Learning with Node... Why not actually?

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Carolina is always exploring new paths and looking for new perspectives for solving problems.
As a computer scientist working at Nubank, she loves to deal with distributed systems challenges and code in ((clojure)).
She believes that everyone is responsible for making the tech environment safer and diverse.
Pasta maker, coffee enthusiast and book lover.

Software Engineer @ Nubank

Carolina Pascale Campos

Building a Sustainable Codebase with FP

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Senior developer @ SAP Cloud Portal group. Experience in large scale cloud native applications

Senior developer @ SAP Cloud Portal group

Yaron Pdut

From js/express to ts/nest.js

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Dor Shay is the CTO and co-founder of autofleet, a smart mobility startup that has created the first-ever Vehicle as a Service platform for fleets. Before founding autofleet, Dor was a Software Engineer at Gett. He also founded and bootstrapped a B2B startup that is still live and profitable today.
Dor loves finding the best way to get from A to B and maximizing vehicle utilization in his free time.

CTO & Co-Founder @ Autofleet

Dor Shay

Headers Propagation for Tracing in Microservices

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