They asked me to add integration tests…
June 25, 2024
Hall B
English | Beginner | Testing and Debugging

My first thought was 'ooof.'
But after learning the fundamentals of integration tests, implementation turned out to be quite simple. It was an opportunity to get down and dirty with essential industry tools like Docker Compose, GitLab CI, and Node-test.
In this talk we will have a quick recap about integration tests and how they make our code a better world to live in. We'll set up the testing environment, understand its strengths and weaknesses, and offer some cool solutions for scalable and maintainable CI pipelines.
So if you, like myself, want to use “scalable and maintainable” in a sentence, this talk is for you ;)

_- Nirit- Node speaker
Nirit Segal
Staff Engineer

She claims to be saved by Javascript from .Net hell. She’ve been writing code for over a decade. Her career began as a FullStack developer, yet she was always drawn to the FrontEnd Infra adventures. She favor the flavor of Vanilla, and her latest addiction is Alchemy of Souls - you can totally talk about it with her instead of integration testing.

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