Production CPR: Avoid Downtime With Code Patching
June 25, 2024
Hall B
Hebrew | Beginner

In this session, we'll get familiar with monkey patching in Node.js and explore its potential for dynamically altering server behavior. Monkey patching offers a powerful mechanism to modify or extend the functionality of existing modules at runtime, enabling developers to tailor server behavior to specific needs without altering the original source code. Through real-world examples and practical demonstrations, attendees will learn how to harness the flexibility of monkey patching to save the day :).
Monkey patching, while often considered a controversial technique, can be a valuable tool in the Node.js developer's arsenal when used judiciously. In this session, we'll demystify the concept of monkey patching and discuss its implications for customizing server behavior in Node.js applications. We'll delve into the intricacies of how monkey patching works and explore practical scenarios where it can be applied effectively.

Oren Efraim
Oren Efraim
Technology leader
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With over a decade of experience as a full-stack developer, specialize in the fields of cybersecurity and education.
 I am currently Teach leader and act as the Head of Backend Cloud Gilda at Check Point.
In my "free" time I am mentoring in the Magshimim Program, where I guide the next generation of the tech industry.


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