Performance Improvements in Node.js
June 25, 2024
Hall B
English | Intermediate | Node.js Fundamentals

In the last ~year, a lot of work has been done with regards to performance - file system APIs, streams etc. have been rewritten in order to improve performance - sometimes by hundreds of %. In this talk, I'll present the working group as well as the most relevant changes to users.

_- Nitzan- Node speaker
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Nitzan Uziely
Senior Software Engineer | Node.js core collaborator

I'm currently a senior software engineer at Microsoft, and I'm a Node.js core collaborator. I've been a software engineer for more than fifteen years, writing both front-end and back-end code in various languages and frameworks. I've worked at small startups with 5 people and large corporations with tens of thousands of employees. I'm passionate about writing simple manageable code, with as little ceremony as possible.

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