First In Fast Out – How I developed a queue that’s faster and lighter
June 25, 2024
Hall B
Hebrew | Advanced | Performance Optimization

Have you ever wondered how a FIFO data structure is implemented? Can it be optimized?
We'll start a journey into the world of data structures as we unveil a new approach to the First-In-First-Out (FIFO) implementation. In this ignite talk, Ron will introduce a unique FIFO implementation, challenging conventional wisdom and redefining the boundaries of performance and memory efficiency.
By the end of this talk, you'll gain a fresh perspective on FIFO data structures and be inspired to reimagine their role in your own projects.

_- Ron- Node speaker
Ron Klein
Software Architect

Ron Klein is a seasoned software architect, leading ultra-wide R&D projects and promoting technical standardization. In his free time, Ron contributes to the NodeJS open source community, runs his own technical blog ( and acts as a mentor for career management for software engineers. In between he loves watching movies and listening to music and podcasts.

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