Don’t believe the rumors: JavaScript *is* multi-threaded
June 25, 2024
Hall A
English | Intermediate | Node.js Fundamentals

Yes, you can run multiple threads in JavaScript, using worker threads! This talk will first of all explain how JavaScript feels multi-threaded, but is actually single-threaded. It will discuss in which cases this is a problem, and then delve into the main course: worker threads and how they solve the problem of multiple threads. It will also discuss how to communicate between the threads using atomics, shared memory, and other constructs.

Yes, JavaScript is async, and thus feels multi-threaded, but once in a while you will need true multi-threads. This talk is there for you.

_- gil- Node speaker
Gil Tayar
Principal Software Engineer

35 years of experience have not dulled the fascination Gil Tayar has with software development. His passion is distributed systems and figuring out how to scale development to big teams. Extreme modularity and testing are the main tools in his toolbelt, using them to combat the code spaghetti monster as a software architect at companies like Wix, Applitools, and at his current job as software engineer at Microsoft.

In his private life, he is a dad to two lovely kids, an avid reader of Science Fiction, and a passionate film buff. Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t answered the big question of his life—what’s better, static or dynamic languages? But he’s working on it

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