50 ways to protect your API’s endpoints
June 25, 2024
Hall A
Hebrew | Intermediate | Authentication and Security

If it is so easy to protect Node.js APIs, why do I encounter fundamental security flaws and errors virtually everywhere?
If it is so easy and mundane, why do experienced Node.js developers keep on failing to protect their API, and malicious hackers and bored journalists take advantage of them?
In this session, I will explain in clear, simple language about simple ways to protect your APIs in Node.js. No, not only WAF. You can implement other methodologies and techniques to mitigate attacks and mitigate the damage from successful attacks with real-life examples.

_- Ran- Node speaker
Ran Bar-Zik
Senior software architect @ CyberArk

15+ years of development experience, Blogger at internet-israel.com, author of "Learn Javascript in Hebrew", "Learn Node.js in Hebrew", "Learn React in Hebrew" and "Learn MySQL in Hebrew".

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