Node.TLV 2020 Videos
GraphQL API? REST API? Or maybe you can have both? - Roy Mor 
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, They’re Here! ES Modules in Node.JS - Gil Tayar
Async Hooks: A Journey To a Realm With Persistent Execution Context -Shanee Radzewsky 
Machine Learning with Node... Why not actually? - Omri Fima 
Building a Sustainable Codebase with FP - Carolina Pascale Campos
Building a Full Stack CMS for the Modern Age - Nader Dabit
From js/express to ts/nest.js - Yaron Pdut
Black Clouds and Silver Linings in Node.js Security - Liran Tal 
Headers Propagation for Tracing in Microservices - Dor Shay
Microservices Architecture in Node.js - Automated Testing - Karin Angel
Testing in Production - A Practical Overview With Live Examples - Yoni Goldberg 
Software Developers, Communicate Your Intentions! - Yael Zaritsky Perez
DIY: Develop your own Visual Studio Code extension - Yael Oshri Balla
Getting Started with Node.js on Kubernetes - Kamal Nasser
Knock Knock, Who's There? - Sam Bellen
Take Your Monitoring to the Next Level - Liran Haimovitch
Help! My Memory is Leaking - Gil fink
Implement Event Sourcing In Node.js - Tamar Twena Stern
Transforming a Country Through Code! - Liz Parody
Node.TLV 2020 Hightlights - See you next year!