The Node.TLV Tour

March 11th, 2020

Make your trip even more memorable, and explore the rare beauty of Israel. Join your fellow devs on a magical trip to Israel’s must-see sights!

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What's the plan?


Old city of Jerusalem

We will visit historic sites such The Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Calvary, The Western Wall and more. For lunch we will enjoy traditional and delicious Israeli street food.

We’ll depart from Tel-Aviv to start our journey with a guided tour through the ancient streets of the Old City of Jerusalem.


It is a spiritual center for Judaism, Christianity and Islam - 3 main religions who peacefully co-exist inside those magical city walls.




The Dead Sea

From there we shall return to Tel Aviv, filled with amazing memories.

Our journey will take us all the way down below sea level, to the famous Dead Sea for an afternoon of relaxation.


Floating in the magical Dead Sea waters, and covering your body with raw Dead Sea Mud, is known to have both relaxing and healing powers.

The Dead Sea is a natural spa, containing over 300 different kinds of minerals, good for your body and your soul.

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