When Bits Hit the TurboFan
June 25, 2024
Hall A
English | advanced

Whether knowingly or not, you probably use TurboFan. TurboFan is one part of the V8 JavaScript engine, which is the engine that runs Node (along with other JavaScript-running software, like Google Chrome).
I was once blissfully unaware of TurboFan. All of my JavaScript code ran without me thinking twice about how, or more importantly, how it's running so fast. Since then I've come a long way, a way that included diving into TurboFan, which is only *one* of V8's optimization compilers. So let me save you the time, and tell you everything you've ever wanted to know about TurboFan in 30 minutes.
In this talk we'll discuss the V8 engine in general, TurboFan's place in the engine, and how it works. If you're wondering ho

_- yarden- Node speaker
Yarden Laifenfeld
Software Engineer and Developer Advocate
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Yarden Laifenfeld is a software engineer and developer advocate at Dynatrace. With an interest in uncovering the internals of software, you can find her in the office jumping between 6 different programming languages a day. She is also on the organizing team of both GopherCon Israel and Women Who Go Israel. She loves to speak at conferences and when she’s not at her keyboard, you can usually find her next to her sewing machine.

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