Untangling your strings: implementation of strings in v8
June 29, 2022

Did you wonder what is the length of the emoji? Did you ask yourself how substring, concatenation, and index access are implemented in V8? How they could affect the performance of your application?

Strings are heavily used in JavaScript in every project. JSON-s are strings, HTML is a string, files, and HTTP requests are represented as a string. Even JS code itself is a string. But strings leave a heavy footprint on memory and can slow down processes. To balance performance and memory, JavaScript runtimes create an optimized implementation of strings.

In this talk, I’ll explore the v8 string implementation, and show how understanding how they’re implemented improves the performance of your code.

Yaki Klein
Software Architect

Technology in general and software, in particular, fascinates Yaki and drives him on a daily basis.
In the last decade, he has designed and developed complex systems in various industries, such as cyber, telecom, and travel. Working with data is his love, and turning complex systems into modulized and well-optimized ones are his passion.

He believes that to turn into a great software engineer you must always understand the "why" and not only "how". Answering the "why" will provide a better implementation.

As one who comes from the ultra-Orthodox sector, he feels a commitment to helping graduates of the education systems in the sector find work in the field. He is involved in mentoring junior and ultra-Orthodox developers, guiding them to their first job in the industry.

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