Logging Culture – talk like a member, log like a pro
June 29, 2022
Hall A

Your app logs are an elementary part of your product. Logs in general are accessible to a range of stake-holders. Do you know yours?

Logs are one of the first-ever features of software. As such they have evolved a long way, and thus, are shrouded with misconceptions rooted in the past. How can we grow out of them to a better future?

App-Log Verbosity Control is in the tradeoff between the big picture and the detail. Lets explore how they work, discuss what makes a control policy, and it's implications on performance, security and vitality of your software.

Osher El Netanany

Agile & Quality Evangelist, Live-Role-Player, NodeJS & CI Expert-On-Demand @Tikal by day, Artist by night. Using NodeJS in production since `11, Programming professionally since `99, non-professionally since `86, YOB `76.

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