Arborist module: How npm install REALLY works
June 28, 2023
Hall B
English | Advanced

We all typed it at least 1000 times. If it is for adding new packages or initializing a project for the first time, npm install is an everyday tool for all of us, but did you ever wonder what this command really does?

In this lecture, I will do a deep dive into how npm resolves your project dependencies, help you understand the complexity of converting your package.json into the trusty node_modules directory, and examine the engine that makes this task possible.

This session is for intermediate/advanced node.js developers, for those who want to have a deeper understanding of their tools and the mechanisms behind them.

After the lecture, the audience will have a better grasp of how npm works, understand the different types of dependencies, prod/dev/peer, and their meaning, and be able to solve complicated peer dependencies conflict resolutions that beginners and even intermediate developers have a difficult time dealing with.

Omri Bar-Zik
FrontEnd Infrastructure Developer

Omri Bar-Zik is a front-end Infrastructure developer at outbrain, an open-source contributor, and a tech lecturer.

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