Don’t Let Compilation Set the Length of your Coffee Break
June 28, 2023
Hall B
English | Intermediate

The bigger the codebase, the more coffee you can drink while your code is compiled. In large enterprise corporations, the company pays you to play table football while CI processes your commit. Or do they?
What if I told you your build times don’t have to take hours, and you can run nightly E2E tests every night? What if the size of your repository can work in your favor?
We'll focus on how you can use monorepos to structure your project so that our build tools can intelligently optimize the work that goes through your pipelines, reducing it from hours to minutes.
Join me to learn how affected graph, caching, and distributed agents are the tools you were missing the whole time!

Miroslav Jonaš
Senior Engineer

Miro is a core member of the Nx team. He's interested in tooling and performance, helping companies build scalable and fast applications.
He enjoys sharing with the community and playing with his PO-133. Miro is a co-founder of Angular Austria and co-organizer of the Vienna JS meetup.

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