Picking the right queuing algorithm strategy to optimize your NodeJs performance
June 29, 2022
Hall A

Almost every high scale distributed system includes queuing mechanism in its architecture.
Some systems use push and some use pull subscriptions, but how do we choose the best one to fit our needs?
Picking the right option for your case can optimize your app performance and save you lots of money.

In this talk I’m going to present the journey we had in Tomorrow.io for changing our queuing mechanism and how our choices boosted our NodeJS server performances.
We will cover the pros and cons of each solution, talk about how we measured it and what kind of load tests we did.

Liad Berko
SaaS Core Backend Team Lead

I am a tech enthusiast who loves to solve problems!
During my Computer Science studies at IDC I took part in several innovation projects and also started working as a junior backend developer at a fintech company called Zooz and had ~1 year of experience as a data engineer also at Zooz. After a couple of years I moved to a small startup as a senior full stack developer (BE, FE & IOT). For the past 2 years I am working at Tomorrow.io, started as a senior backend developer and leading the SaaS core backend team for the past year - working mostly with NodeJS for most of my career so far.
*Checkout an npm package I published at https://www.npmjs.com/package/aws-s3-multipart-copy

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