Harness the power of JavaScript Proxies
June 25, 2024
Hall A
English | Intermediate

Javascript Proxy is one of the lesser-known features introduced in ECMAScript 2015. In this session, we'll explore the benefits of using Proxies and discuss the types of problems they are best suited to solve.

I'll share my own experience of using Proxies to create an assertion library for the Vest validation framework. I'll explain the challenges I faced with traditional methods and how Proxies allowed me to overcome them.

Together, we'll build the assertion library step by step, so you'll have a practical understanding of how Proxies can be used to improve your own code. By the end of this session, you'll have a clear understanding of the capabilities of Javascript Proxies and how to apply them in your own projects.

_- Evyatar- Node speaker
Evyatar Alush
Front End Engineer @ META

Evyatar Alush is a Front End Engineer at Meta who is passionate about open source development. He works on multiple open source projects, including the Vest Validations Framework, and volunteers as a mentor to support new engineers entering the open source community. Evyatar cares deeply about API design and improving the developer experience.

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