Communication in a Microservices Architecture: Doing It Right
June 29, 2022
Hall B

Microservices Architecture is powerful, but building scalable and resilient systems is not an easy task. Your services will often be loosely coupled, and will often depend on data from one another. With so many tools and options available, are you doing it right?

Most of us have at least heard of HTTP, gRPC, message queues, pubsub, event streaming etcetera. These solutions are vastly different and are made to solve different problems. If you are a Node.js back-end/full-stack developer, you know how commonly you have to make such decisions.

Together, we will look into the common challenges of implementing microservices and distributed systems, talk about concepts such as synchronous and asynchronous messaging, strong and eventual consistency. We will then look into common tools and technologies for communication and messaging (as well as advantages, disadvantages and simple examples of each).

The ultimate goal of this talk is to give you the foundational knowledge for better decision-making when you need to choose between tools and technologies for the purpose of communication/messaging in a distributed system.

Ariel Weinberger
Full Stack Developer enjoying all worlds - front-end, back-end, automation and ops. Publisher of two best-selling courses on the Udemy platform (~150k students), and a few articles on Medium.

Currently VP R&D at Amplication and previously an Engineering Manager at Serverless.

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