Generating async iterators is ekstreamly easy, I Promise ;)
June 28, 2023
Hall B
Hebrew | Intermediate

Got the joke but wanna learn more about all those concepts? Don’t get it but want to? This lecture is for you! Async iterators, generators, streams, promises, for await… These amazing coding patterns are being used more and more in the frontend and backend, but can be quite daunting if you don’t understand them. In this talk, I present these patterns, when and how to use them, best practices, and what can go wrong (and believe me, they can go wrong).

Amit Gazal
Team Lead

I started coding in high school, participated in the Israeli International Olympiad in Informatics, and was a combat soldier and an officer at 8200. I even represented Israel at the Ice Hockey World Championship. Been working as a developer for the past 2 years. My passion is people; coding is just because I’m kind of a geek.

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