Uncovering Node.js performance bad practices at production environments
November 15, 2021
Hall A

Node.js developers always care about performance; we always want to use the fastest framework, continuously tweak our code, use the latest improvements, and do many things to get a performant application.
We do all those things at the development phase, and we think it will enough to perform well at production, but unfortunately, many times is not the case.

This talk is about uncovering many different practices affecting the performance of an application in production environments, highlighting some notorious cases with clear examples, and providing recommendations and good practices, specifically for production environments to have the same performance developer planned in development.

Adrian Estrada
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Adrian Estrada
VP of Engineering
Adrian Estrada

Seasoned developer in love with Node.js, VP of engineering at NodeSource, Node.js core contributor, Exam developer and part of the comitee running the official Node.js certification by the Openjs foundation, organizer of NodeConf Colombia, JSConf Colombia and MedellinJS

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