The journey about how I fixed a bug in the Node.js core that affected thousands of packages || Hacking the JavaScript
June 29, 2022
Hall A

Working on the Node.js core could be an exciting task and many developers want to contribute to Open Source projects but don't know how to get started. This talk will show you the whole process from identifying a bug, interacting with the Node.js community to finally thinking of a solution and publishing a feature.

This talk will cover the following topics:
- How I found the bug and assured that it's an actual issue
- How I planned to solve the problem and the solution
- How I set up environment and tips
- How I implemented tests and fixed the problem.

Erick Wendel
Performance Engineer & Professional Instructor
Erick Wendel is a professional speaker giving over 100 tech talks in almost 10 countries worldwide. He was awarded as a Node.js Specialist with the Google Developer Expert and Microsoft MVP awards. Erick Wendel has trained more than 100K people around the world as a professional instructor and content producer at his own company

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