The Big Change in Node.js You Didn’t See Coming
June 25, 2024
Hall B
In the past year, many new features in Node.js core like watch mode, the new task runner, dual-mode modules and many others were released. Is there a unifying theme to these changes and the difference from last year?
In this talk we'll tell the story of the collosal shift in Node.js core you didn't see coming, how it directly impacts you and what the future holds. We'll mention how the ecosystem beneits from many runtimes and voices.
Benjamin and Moshe are Node.js core team members and work on the Node.js
_- Benji- Node speaker (1)
Benjamin Gruenbaum
Developer and Open Source Maintainer

Benjamin Gruenbaum is a developer and open source maintainer who has hacked on Node.js core for the past 10 years.

_- Moshe- Node speaker (1)
Moshe Atlow
Software developer @ Tuvis
Moshe Atlow is a Software developer @ Tuvis and a Node.js collaborator and TSC Member

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