Tech save the trees (geo open-source)
June 29, 2022
Hall A

How can we bind the power of technology in order to impact our neighborhood? At we developed a unique system, node.js based, that allows locals to get notified on advance about upcoming tree felling near their house, and engage them to take action and save the trees. Since our open source system launched last year, thousands of trees in Israel has been saved due to our activity.
In this talk you could hear about the geo open-source ecosystem, how to overcome partial and noisy geo data and usage limitations of 3rd parties. You could also hear about managing volunteer open-source projects that connects with public activity and the special involvement it creates.

Galia Ruppin
Engineering manager

Engineering manager and environmental activist. Served in IDF as a combat soldier, studied CS in the Hebrew university of Jerusalem, worked at several start up companies in various fields, including solar energy and public transportation. As an environmental activist, initiated and led a successful public campaign for eliminate the use of disposable plastics in the Israeli education system. Initiated and developed the world-first automatic notification system for tree felling, engaging local activists and saving thousands of trees in the urban domain.

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