Strategic Node.js crossroads in 2023
June 28, 2023
Hall A
English | Intermediate

As Node.js matures, we tend to automatically reuse patterns and frameworks that we are used to. A cache layer in our minds. This is great, only some are not necessarily your best choice anymore. On the contrary side, other shiny tools look promising while under the cover they are... fluff. In this talk, we will walk through fresh new tools that might be better sometimes. Need some examples? Typed JSON validators, trpc, Prisma, env-schema, Turborepo, and more. No worries, the content is framework-agnostic - apply these ideas everywhere. It's my hope, that this talk will inspire you to embrace at least one new technique. Going beyond individual ideas, maybe it will also change the fundamentals of how you design Node.js applications.

Yoni Goldberg
Independent Backend Consultant, Testing Specialist

Yoni Goldberg is an independent consultant who works with Fortune 500 corporates and garage startups on polishing their backend applications. He's also sheerly enjoy writing and authored multiple GitHub best practices guides (80,000 stars, ranked 30th worldwide)


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