Should I Stay Or Should I Go: Using Node.js With Kafka
June 29, 2022
Hall B

Kafka is a wonderful technology for moving data around in mission-critical applications, but it can be a real pain to develop against.
The most common choice for which programming language to use to interact with Kafka is Java, which can be less convenient for Node.js developers.

In this talk, we will learn about various Kafka clients for Node.js and benchmark them compared to the native Java client, by showing the performance differences on sample applications.
We will also observe an alternative way of integrating a non-Node.js Kafka client with a Node.js app, while explaining some best practices.

Finally, we will share some pros and cons of the Node & Kafka combination, based on my personal experience as a Node.js developer who uses Kafka every day.

Bar Cohen
Senior Software Engineer

Bar Cohen is a Node.js developer, innovator, and public speaker working at Soluto, with 8 years of experience in software development and worked at global companies such as IronSource, Yahoo, HP, and IBM.
He also has a BSC degree in computer science, and he has an MBA in Management of Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
In his spare time, Bar is a singer who is passionate about music.

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