Node and the art of Backpressure
June 25, 2024
Hall A
English | Intermediate

Backpressure and flow management are fundamental required for reliable integration of your Node servers with the rest of the system. Backpressure is relatively natural in synchronous runtimes but Node's async nature requires us to be mindful of it in our code.
This talk explains backpressure, why it is important and how to properly implement it in Node.js.

_- Avishay- Node speaker
Avishai Ish-Shalom
Independent researcher
Fewbytes 500_250

In a world where anything has an API, everything is a software problem" this insight has guided Avishai Ish-Shalom throughout his diverse career working on improving the complex socio-technical systems that create and operate modern software and promoting the use of Mathematics in system design and operations. Spending 18 years in various software fields and capacities, Avishai has served as Developer advocate for ScyllaDB (the boring database), Engineer in Residence in Aleph VC, engineering manager at and co-founder of Fewbytes. Currently Avishai is an independent researcher and consultant.

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