Great Expectations – Understanding nodejs Testing Frameworks
June 28, 2023
Hall A
English | Intermediate

Jest, Mocha, and Ava are the popular testing frameworks for nodejs. If we are writing tests, we probably run our testing framework tens of times daily. But do we really know what are the main differences between them?
In this talk, I will go over some of the implementation details of different frameworks to understand how they solve, or not, the same problem in a different way. We will talk about parallelism, isolation, watch mode, advanced JS support, and more.

Tally Barak
Senior Full Stack Engineer

Tally has been doing all things software for over 30 years, and still loves it.
Today Tally works for Yoobic as a senior full-stack engineer and is responsible for all the FE tooling, testing, and DevOps processes.
Tally loves Javascript and its ecosystem and happily shares this knowledge with other developers.

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