Going all in on Serverless – Stories form the trenches
November 15, 2021
Hall B

As the server-less buzz is continuously getting more and more traction, we constantly face the question should we give it a shot?
I was part of a team that took it to the extreme, and decided to go all in on serverless.
In this talk I'll case study what we hoped to achieve when we chose to have all of our code running on serverless, and how did it end up.
Hopefully providing some insights that will help you with your next serverless dilemma.

Barak Drechsler
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Barak Drechsler
Senior Software Engineer

Barak Drechsler, currently Team leader at WIX, formerly lead the engineering at Venn, from the first lines of code to production grade solutions, took a major part in defining Venn serverless architecture, started programming the web from sixth grade and never stopped ever since.

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