Days of the future past: build bridges between native code and Node.js
June 29, 2022
Hall A

In 2007, Atwood's Law stated: "Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript."

In 2022, almost everything has been written in JavaScript - seriously, we've got JavaScript desktop apps, servers, mobile apps, microcontrollers, satellites, etc.
But what happens when you need to access some low-level native method and there's a C, C++, Go, or maybe even Rust package, but nothing on npm?
Don't panic! It's 2022 and it's actually really fun (yes, I said "fun") to build Native addons for Node.js.
Join me for a look at the best of both worlds: the ease and ubiquity of JavaScript with the power and flexibility of native modules.
Bonus: We'll also take a look at WebAssembly and the future of the Web platform.

Vladimir de Turckheim
Staff Engineer

Vladimir (Vlad) is a Staff engineer at Datadog. He has been working on Application Security topics since 2016 at Sqreen then at Datadog. He also is a Node.js core collaborator and has focused on Node.js runtime instrumentation.
When he is not hacking, you might find him cooking or planning an upcoming raclette party.

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