Can You Change the Behavior of a Running Node.js Process From the Outside?
November 15, 2021
Hall A

In this talk, we will have fun trying to tamper with a running Node.js process to change its behavior at runtime.
Without changing the code or restarting the process, we will find a way to inject our own logic into it and start to do the things we want.
What are the limitations of such an approach? Is there part of it that can be used in real life scenarios?
Come and find out!
Yes, there will be some live demo.

Vladimir de Turckheim
Vladimir de Turckheim
Vladimir de Turckheim
Senior Software Engineer
Vladimir de Turckheim

Vladimir (he/him) is a software engineer focusing on Application Security at Datadog. He has been working on Node.js security for 5 years and now focuses on Web quality and security at large.Vladimir is a Node.js core collaborator and co-authored the AsyncLocalStorage API.

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