All of those tests you have and none of them cover Message Queues
November 15, 2021
Hall B

On your path to master backend testing, don’t miss the lesser discussed chapter in the book: how to test the common flows that start or end at a message queue. Although the focus is always on the features we deliver, message queues bring unusual testing challenges like testing for message rejection, acknowledgments, retries, idempotency, dead-letter queues, poisoned messages, and other scenarios that our backend is frequently facing. Another interesting dilemma is the developer's toolbox when testing queues - Should they use the real one or a stub? What other tools are needed? This is hands-on code talk that exemplifies these concepts using popular products like RabbitMQ, SQS, and Kafka


This talk was written in cooperation with Daniel Gluskin and Raz Luvaton.

Yoni Goldberg
Yoni Goldberg
Yoni Goldberg
Yoni Goldberg
Yoni Goldberg
Independent Node.js Consultant

Yoni Goldberg is an independent consultant who works with Fortune 500 corporates and garage startups on polishing their Node.js applications. These days, he is fascinated by topics like architecture of modern backends, production hardening and testing. He tries to master these topics, but it's not easy at all. At least he tries hard. At his spare time, he likes to write in his blog and debug production application using console.log. He is also the author of multiple known best practices guides like 'Node.js best practices'

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