1001 Packages – Strategies for a monorepo
June 29, 2022
Hall B

Not all monorepos are the same. When we are working with a monorepo, there are a lot of decisions we need to take, to make our development process faster and our developers' life enjoyable.
Let’s go over some of the decisions we are making when setting up the monorepo and see the different options we have, and as with any software design decision - each one has its light and dark sides.
I will go over the main monorepos challenges - packages installation and linking, development and deployment processes - and describe the possibilities we are facing in each phase.

Tally Barak
Senior FS developer

Tally has over 30 years of software development experience.
In current days, Tally is focused on Javascript and its eco system, and is happy sharing this knowledge with other developers.

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